Project Evaluation: P7 to P10

Did you know? Project evaluations count towards the completion of your Competent Leader award!

  • Benefits to the evaluator: each evaluation is an opportunity for the role holder to exercise, practise and enhance their listening and critical thinking skills
  • Benefits to the speaker and the audience: the evaluator should strive to educate the audience by explaining why such point was good (use of stories, figures of speech or otherwise)

What makes for a good project evaluation?

As the project evaluator, you should strive to help the speaker through your project evaluation

  1. by listening carefully to the speaker during the speech delivery
  2. by exercising critical thinking – The speaker did this. What if the speaker had done that?
  3. by providing valuable feedback – Avoid run of the mill clichés
  4. by providing tactful feedback – so it stands a better chance of being accepted by the speaker

Project 7: ask yourself…

  • Was the choice of topic appropriate?
    • Too narrative? No opportunity to substantiate?
  • Catch all the supporting material
    • Statistics, testimonials, examples, facts, visual aids
  • Too few variety?
  • Clear and organised? Confusing?

Project 8: ask yourself…

  • Criterion: minimum of 2 visuals aids.
  • Was the choice of topic conducive to using visual aids?
  • Was each visual aid purposefully used during the relevant part(s) of the speech?
  • Was each visual aid visible and purposefully shown?
  • Main show: Speaker. Not the visual aids.
  • Death by PowerPoint? Verbose slides?

Project 8 tips

  • When video is used: its length should be less than one minute (15% or less of speech duration)
  • Use of whiteboard or flip chart: drawing a mind map, highlighting points (the speaker should not show their back to the audience when writing)
  • When slides are projected on a screen: the speaker should not show their back to the audience when presenting slides, nor obstructing the view of the slides

Project 9: ask yourself…

  • What was the speaker attempting to persuade me to do?
  • Was the speaker sincere & convinced?
  • Was the speaker credible?
  • Did the speaker both use logic & emotions?
  • Did the speaker create a need or a problem?
  • Was I persuaded?
  • Did the audience seem persuaded?

Project 9 tips

  • Should include a call to action
  • This call to action should be modulated depending on the audience.

Picture yourself urging either an audience of smokers or an audience of non-smokers audience about the dangers of tobacco consumption.In the former case, the call to action will be direct to the audience. In the latter, the call to action should be urging non-smokers to interact with their smoking relatives, friends or acquaintances.

  • The key difference between a project 9 topic and a project 10 topic: P9 topic will tackle behavior and skills whereas P10 topic should address values and belief, identity and be strong in emotional content.

Project 9 topic could be: use less water. Project 10 topic could be: protect planet Earth

Project 10: ask yourself…

  • What was the speaker attempting to inspire the audience to do?
  • Did the speaker use most of what (s)he learnt in the previous projects?
  • Did the speaker connect with me?
  • Was I more than persuaded?
  • Did I feel uplifted and motivated?
  • Was the audience uplifted and motivated?

Project 10 tips

When you evaluate a project 10 speaker, you cover the span of 9 projects in 1. The speaker should strive to bring people along a dramatised journey that will start from a low point (the lowest the better) and end up on a high note.

Dos and Don’ts of Project Evaluation

  1. DO NOT repeat the speech
    DO cite examples that support the project objectives
  2. DO NOT demonise the content and ideas expressed in the speech. Instead focus on the structure and delivery of the speech
    DO be balanced
  3. DO NOT evaluate “Off the cuff”
    DO be systematic and use some feedback structure like acronyms or the sandwich method

We wish you success in your role as P7 to P10 Project Evaluator!