410th Chapter Meeting (New Year, New Aspiration)

Link to write up as a PDFNew Year, New Aspiration

Along with a cheerful welcome for the New Year, our endearing members shared a myriad of aspirations: losing some kilos, being a good papa, getting married, going on adventure track, learn singing, etc..
Bravo to first timers – Sergeant at Arms Elizabeth Tang and Toastmaster of the Evening, Nadiya Ryshchuk for their display of poise and confidence through the entire evening.
Similar kudos to Club President May Teo for her perfect grace in delivering her first 2017 opening speech. A speech inviting us to think about the biggest challenge in our life and strive to block off negative obstacles as we start a new year afresh.
Advanced Club President Ho Chiu Lin gave a candid presentation about learning and leadership opportunities outside home club in Going Beyond Our Club from the Successful Club Series.

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