Our History

Sky Media

In 1995, The Sky Media Group was established in Singapore to focus on the development of high quality education content for primary and secondary school students. The software was marketed by a group of direct marketers – the Sky Consultants.

Thus, an in-house Club; The Sky Media Toastmasters Club was formed in April 1998 by Yeo Chai Tun and Albert Lim as chartered members, making it as one component in the Sky Consultants’ training programme.

Subsequently, with Sky Media Group focusing their emphasis on their China operations,  Sky Media Toastmasters Club had to be reorganised independently of the Sky Media Group to ensure its existence.

The New Chapter

30th September 2004 was the last day for the meeting at Sky Media Toastmasters Club. Thanks to members Tay Yiang Ping and James Tan, contact was made with Toa Payoh Central Community Centre. Subsequently with the effort of member Kris Tay and others, and with approval by the Toa Payoh Central Community Centre’s CCMC, Sky Media Toastmasters Club was changed to TOA PAYOH CENTRAL CC TOASTMASTERS CLUB.

Our Club thus began our regular meetings on 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday in the mini theatrette on the 3rd Level.

Since then, men and women from all walks of life joined in and the Club provides members’ opportunities to learn valuable communication and leadership skills under the Toastmasters program. The Club is under District 80 of Toastmasters International, Division E, Area E3.

The New Club

In July 2010, the Toa Payoh Central CC Advanced Toastmasters Club was chartered with DTM Yeo Chai Tun as the incoming club President and CC Derek Tan as Vice President – Education. The advanced club was formed with the goal to allow club members who have completed their 10 projects of the Competent Communication manual to transfer to the advanced club and further enhanced their communication and leadership skills.

The Advanced club began regular meetings on 2nd Tuesday of even months in Toa Payoh Central CC’s mini-theatre on level 3 and belongs to District 80 of Toastmasters International, Division E, Area E2.

Club History

Now, we are two clubs as one –Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club and Toa Payoh Central CC Advanced Toastmasters Club . We strive to be a club where members are passionate, committed and enthusiastic in our activities. Please come and join us to experience the unique culture of our club, and improve your speaking and leadership skills in a friendly and safe environment at Toa Payoh Central Community Centre, mini-theatre.

Our Club’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

We celebrated our 15th Anniversary in April 2013 and asked our members and past club officers to share their memories and thoughts about their time in the club. This led up to this contribution write-up and as well as the video link below.