Table Topics

The Table Topics session is that portion of the meeting which insures this tradition. The purpose of this period is to have members “think on their feet” and speak about a topic for 1 to 2 minutes.

1. The Table Topics Master

Prepares and issues the topics; originality is desirable as much as possible. Each speaker may be given an individual subject or a choice of subjects may be presented from which the members can draw at random.

Prior to the meeting –

  • Check with the Toastmaster to find out if a theme meeting is scheduled
  • Review the updated agenda for the meeting. Find out who the prepared speakers, evaluators, general evaluator, and Toastmaster are so you can call on the other members first
  • Select questions, topics, or games that will inspire the speakers to expound on them, give their opinions, etc. Keep the questions simple and short, and phrase the questions so that the speaker clearly will know what you want them to talk about.

2. The Table Topics Speakers

How to answer a Table Topics question? The mischievous Mister M tipped us about the OREO approach to Table Topics! – Let’s take for example a question such as : tell us about your favourite movie?

  1. Opinion. State your opinion or point regarding the question. “Dreams May Come is the best movie ever made.”
  2. Reason(s). Give 1-3 reasons supporting your opinion. “Not only is the plot captivating…
  3. Example(s). Illustrate your reasons with examples, anecdotes, and short stories.
  4. Opinion. Tie it up neatly by restating your opinion.

We wish you energising and successful Table Topics ahead!