First Projects, Forms and Scripts

Useful forms and scripts: early projects (P1 to P3) from the Competent Communication Manual, membership form, claim form,  forms and scripts for meeting roles and special occasions, speaker introduction guidance.

 Competent Communication Manual
Project 1 P1 The Ice Breaker
Project 2 P2 Organize Your Speech
Project 3 P3 Get to the Point
Administrative forms
Membership form: pdf | editable Claim Form: pdfeditable
Special occasions: scripts Special occasions: forms
Induction Ceremony
Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest Chair Script  Contest: certificate of Participation
Contest Chair Briefing
Meeting Roles: scripts Meeting Roles: forms
Please check with VPE and SAA for any queries.
Sergeant at Arms (SAA): Script 1 | Script 2
Toastmaster of the Evening: Script 1 | Script 2 Timer’s report: pdf | editable
Table Topics Master: script Ah Counter report: pdf | editable

 Introducing speakers

[Source: Toastmasters International] If you host an event or a chapter meeting, you may be required to introduce speakers. Try these quick tips for delivering thoughtful speaker introductions:

  • Don’t steal the show by making the introduction too long (60 seconds or less is sufficient), or by speaking on a topic that is in no way related to the speaker.
  • Grab the audience’s attention with a great opening. This can be an inspiring quote, a humorous anecdote, or an impressive milestone the speaker has achieved.
  • Briefly mention the topic the speaker is addressing, but don’t reveal too much about his or her speech.
  • Establish the speaker’s authority and expertise. This information will help solidify with the audience the speaker’s credibility as a subject matter expert.