415th Chapter Meeting Group Photo

415th Chapter Meeting | Easter Cheers

Delicious home-baked buns, tips about the value of a good night of rest or about how to choose a yogurt and a standing ovation for Nigel, our newest Competent Communicator to date. Such were some of the highlights of our Easter Cheers gathering!

Our energetic Sergeant at Arms Joan opened the meeting by asking members of the public to share about something new that happened in their live. Before passing the baton to Roger, our Toastmaster of the Evening, she shared about how to choose the healthy kind of yogurt, one of the most important item they ought to be containing live cultures and should feature low fat and low sugar content and no preservatives.

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412th Chapter Meeting | Bring your Valentine

Gifts of chocolate, messages of love, love song, muffins, hilarious prepared speeches, table topics of love… Wow, that’s how a group of lovely Toastmasters and guests celebrated their Valentine’s Night. First time Sergeant at Arms Alpha Khu infused the mini-theatre with excitement as everyone shared about their meaning of Valentine.

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407th Chapter Meeting (A Night of Surprises)

Polaroid photos; Funky poses; Gifts on chairs! Awesome Speeches and Evaluations; 20164071Interesting Table Topics…Why not?!

It was indeed A Night of Surprises for all members and guests!!

Jessyln Neo was a wonderful SAA, who engaged the audience with an enticing ice breaker Members and guests were pleasantly rewarded with little “Gifts” on the chairs…

Overall it was a fantastic meeting with Du Qi Hong as the Toastmaster of the Evening!

Chiu Lin gave an impactful opening speech about “Value of members” and highlighted that 20164073the members are the “backbone” to the club’s progress! She 20164072invited all to step up and learn together.

Aplomb’[ self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation]

All our speakers and evaluators maintained a cool aplomb that night.

We had 5 great speakers for the prepared speeches segment:

  1. Venkat did his Advanced Project 2 from Story 20164074Telling manual on the topic – ‘Never Give Up’. His message was very clear, lots of his personal experiences added a nice touch to reinforce the message.
  2. Next, Nigel shared another key message – “Be yourself”, as part of Project 9 from the CC manual.  Take a pause; lead life by being yourself. Does it resonate with you?
  3. Nadiya did her project 6 titled the “Main Battle”. The story of the little boy and his grandfather on World War 2 incidents was heartening. Indeed, she won the “Battle” of displaying the Vocal Variety in her speech.
  4. Guobin did his project 4 on “Running” with good use of rhetorical devices. He reminded us to practice running and “observe each step we take and every breath we make”.
  5. Last but not least, Ruby spoke on “Why do I practice Yoga” for her Project 3 and she  got to the point very well. We can never forget the nice Yoga pose that she demonstrated!

Next were the evaluations. Credits to all the superb evaluators – our guest evaluators Woulfe Patrick & Mark Liang, members Christophe, Edwin and RJ. All of them were great in the evaluations of the prepared speeches. Some of the takeaways were good reminders for all members such as making use of the stage fully, body language etc.

Then, came the exciting Table Topics (TM) session with our friendly table topics master Christophe. The speakers were supposed to pick a photo or an object from his “surprise” bag and speak on it. It included some interesting objects such as – apples and, onions. Christophe also rewarded each brave participant with a healthy fruity snack!

20164075Finally, with drum roll, there were the announcements of the “Champions of the night”
Best Speaker: Nigel Foo; Best Evaluator: RJ, Best Table Topics Speaker: Manoj

Next Meeting:  13 Dec 2016 (Tuesday) 7pm to 10pm
Highlights: Joint Meeting with Bishan TMC

Hope you have enjoyed reading this recap! Cheers! See you on 13th December J

Prepared by Gayathri (Secretary)

406th Joint Chapter Meeting (Unity is Strength)

Link to write up as a PDFUnity is Strength

This was our first joint Chapter meeting between Bishan Toastmasters Club and both Toa RJ Toastmaster of the eveningPayoh Central CC Toastmasters Clubs. It was met with tremendous attendance: it was FULL HOUSE! Truly unity is strength!

Our marvellous Toastmaster of The Evening Rajah A Nadar, RJ lead the meeting with a bag full of amusement and entertainment. Many thanks to SAA Derek Lee, Timer Avni Rekhi and Ah Counter Sophia Ngo for making the Joint Chapter meeting successful. Well Done!!!

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Group Photo 404th Chapter Meeting 11th October 2016

404th Chapter Meeting (Let’s Celebrate!)

Link to write up as a PDFLet’s Celebrate!

Meeting Theme: Let’s Celebrate!

Targets 403rd Chapter MeetingA fantastic time with Caroline as the Toastmaster of the Evening. She started the meeting in a unique way, leaded the meeting with joy and games. Superb job to Caroline!

Chiu Lin gave an inspirational opening speech about ‘The Carrot, Egg and Coffee’.

  • The carrot went in strong, hard and unrelenting. However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak.
  • The egg had been fragile. Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid interior, but after sitting through the boiling water, its insides became hardened.
  • The ground coffee beans were unique, however. After they were in the boiling water, the water became so much tastier.

Which one do you choose to be?

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Barbecue cum meeting 1st October 2016

Meeting cum BBQ 1st October 2016

Life is all about having a good time. Work hard, play hard and have fun! Our 1st BBQ meeting at our Club President May Teo’s residence. We had sumptuous spread of vegetarian fried rice and noodles, yummy satay, spicy stingray, BBQ chicken wings, mouth watering watermelons, juicy grapes and more. 2016100103After the BBQ session, we started our meeting with the opening and welcoming by our Club President May Teo.

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Group photo 403rd Chapter Meeting cum Workshop

403rd Chapter Meeting (Friendship) & a Make-Up Workshop for your Script (From Plain Jane to Luscious Lucy)

Link to write up as a PDF: Friendship

Meeting Theme: Friendship
403rdmeetingrjOverwhelmingly dynamic meeting with a house full of laughter 403rdmeetingjs
and joy.
Our first time SAA Rajah A Nadar (RJ) started the meeting by sharing the craziness friendship in life. He rewarded all guests invited by their friends with lucky tokens.
Cool and composed TMD Steven Yuen, CC continued to lead the meeting with poise and confidence.
Club president Ho Chiu Lin, CC traced her personal story from teenage friends to friends for life with her husband.
The word of the day shared by the charismatic visiting Language Evaluator, John Sih, DTM was entrench ~ establish (an attitude, habit, or belief) so firmly that change is very difficult or unlikely.
Joan Seah, CC ‘s workshop about the secrets of crafting your
speech from Plain Jane to Luscious Lucy. Using the 5 Senses to make over your speech from vague to vivid. Helping your audience see, hear, taste, smell and touch throughout your speech.

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402nd Chapter Meeting: over the moon

402nd Chapter Meeting (Over The Moon) & Workshop (Secrets to Structure Your Speech)

Link to write up as a PDFOver The Moon

Meeting Theme:  Over The MoonInstamag collage by Caroline Lim

A stupendous meeting with a real life Chang Er flying over the moon enchanting our earthly gathering.

With a backdrop of colourful lanterns minus the candles, charming SAA, Julie Wang got the audience excited talking about their memories of mooncake festival. First time TME, Belinda Goh continued to lead the meeting with great poise and aplomb. (Well Done, Belinda! Clap! Clap!)

Our endearing VPPR, Christophe gave a sneak preview of the revamped club website as his opening speech on behalf of Club President. (Double Likes for the new website)

Prepared Speeches:

Nigel Foo (P7): 8th Wonder of The World. A superbly crafted speech from a financial wizard on effect of compounding and Rule of 72.

Ruby Chen (P1): Why Am I Here? About her life and determination to improve her command of English.

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