General Evaluation 101

Did you know? General Evaluation counts towards the completion of your Competent Leader award!

Anyone can be a general evaluator. You may take on the role once you are confident and familiar enough with the overall organisation of a Toastmasters Chapter meeting. That can be anytime. It usually happens after project 6. It can be prior to that.

General evaluation: what to look for?

The general evaluator will evaluate the organisation and running of the chapter meeting as a whole so to provide feedback to the club’s Exco Team and the audience about:

  1. The areas that worked well,
  2. The areas that would work better,
  3. And provide suggestions for improvement

The breadth of the general evaluation will cover both:

  • Pre-meeting: reminders, correspondence, agenda setup, communication of directions, logistics, hospitality…
  • During the meeting: hospitality (again), punctuality of each segment, role bearers, procedure and protocols

General evaluation: how to deliver the feedback?

Timothy Lin suggested to follow the CREATE framework:

  • Content: briefly evaluate the opening address, the speakers (look for elements not yet shared by the language evaluators), the table topics
  • Roles: Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA), Toastmaster of the Day (TMD), Table Topics Master (TTM), Ah Counter, special segments
  • Evaluators: Project Evaluators, Language Evaluator
  • Atmosphere: level of energy, mood, setup, attitude of members
  • Timing: timeliness
  • Extras: protocols and extra recommendation

We wish you a successful General Evaluation!