415th Chapter Meeting Group Photo

415th Chapter Meeting | Easter Cheers

Delicious home-baked buns, tips about the value of a good night of rest or about how to choose a yogurt and a standing ovation for Nigel, our newest Competent Communicator to date. Such were some of the highlights of our Easter Cheers gathering!

Our energetic Sergeant at Arms Joan opened the meeting by asking members of the public to share about something new that happened in their live. Before passing the baton to Roger, our Toastmaster of the Evening, she shared about how to choose the healthy kind of yogurt, one of the most important item they ought to be containing live cultures and should feature low fat and low sugar content and no preservatives.

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General Evaluation 101

Did you know? General Evaluation counts towards the completion of your Competent Leader award!

Anyone can be a general evaluator. You may take on the role once you are confident and familiar enough with the overall organisation of a Toastmasters Chapter meeting. That can be anytime. It usually happens after project 6. It can be prior to that.

General evaluation: what to look for?

The general evaluator will evaluate the organisation and running of the chapter meeting as a whole so to provide feedback to the club’s Exco Team and the audience about:

  1. The areas that worked well,
  2. The areas that would work better,
  3. And provide suggestions for improvement

The breadth of the general evaluation will cover both:

  • Pre-meeting: reminders, correspondence, agenda setup, communication of directions, logistics, hospitality…
  • During the meeting: hospitality (again), punctuality of each segment, role bearers, procedure and protocols

General evaluation: how to deliver the feedback?

Timothy Lin suggested to follow the CREATE framework:

  • Content: briefly evaluate the opening address, the speakers (look for elements not yet shared by the language evaluators), the table topics
  • Roles: Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA), Toastmaster of the Day (TMD), Table Topics Master (TTM), Ah Counter, special segments
  • Evaluators: Project Evaluators, Language Evaluator
  • Atmosphere: level of energy, mood, setup, attitude of members
  • Timing: timeliness
  • Extras: protocols and extra recommendation

We wish you a successful General Evaluation!